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Reasons to Embrace Our Brand

Fragrant Legacy

For three generations, we've been dedicated to the art of crafting exquisite fragrances


India's first carbon-neutral incense manufacturer

14 Quality Checks

Our devotion to quality includes a rigorous 14-point inspection

Authentic Scents

We use pure, natural ingredients to offer you the most authentic fragrances

Pure Ingredients

Our fragrances are crafted using only the purest ingredients

Ethical Business

Fair trade principles guide our ethical business practices

New Arrivals

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We ensure your scent stays with you, captivating hearts with unforgettable fragrances.


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Nostalgic Fragrance I am using this product in my car and it's smells really good, really awesome very comfortable very familiar fragrance.

Rajasekhar Pasalapudi

Good Mist perfume for car lasts for 2-3 hrs 1 spary The car refreshener is fantastic! Its long-lasting fragrance transforms my car into a delightful space (2-3 hrs with 1 spray). The scent is both refreshing and invigorating, creating a pleasant driving experience. Making it a must-have for those who appreciate consistently pleasant car environment.


Fancy fragrances I like the variety of fragrances it comes in. Keeps my bedroom, cupboard and bathrooms smelling good. I find it subtle, not very overpowering. All four fragrances are very new.